Is One Set of Dinnerware Enough for All Occasions?


Is one set of dinnerware enough, or should each family have a special set for certain occasions? Many people find the act of choosing a table set so full of stunning choices that it is hard to make up their minds. The idea of having two sets allows for more options. The purpose of having two sets is to have a set to bring out when times are special to really show that the dinner is set apart from a typical family evening.

The concept of Grandma’s fine china seems to be disappearing. Many large family functions are served on sturdy paper plates with plastic cups and forks. Glass, ceramic or stone dinnerware is reserved for more intimate gatherings involving only a few immediate family members. The argument for using separate dinnerware for larger gatherings or special occasions is an easy one to make, and the reasons to have special dinnerware add up fast.

Reasons to Use Real Dinnerware for Every Occasion

  • A meal is about more than consuming food. If it were only about ingesting calories, we would not bother with a dinner service at all or with inviting loved ones to partake. Enjoying a meal together is more than eating. It goes much deeper than that, and every detail matters.
  • Memories will be tied in with everyday utensils used at gatherings. The turkey platter used each holiday and the tableware reserved for Sundays and important gatherings will hold special meaning years later.
  • It is easy to customize a set for any personality. A dinnerware set does not have to be stuffy or fragile like grandma’s china. There are many options for sturdy tableware full of personality.

Make memories with style. Shop now!

Don’t serve your special dinners on paper plates this year. You took the time to follow a special recipe, to buy quality ingredients, and to invite your favorite people over. Serve your meal on dinnerware chosen specifically by you for special occasions, and see if the entire event feels a bit more cozy.

There are no rules or constraints that say your special dinnerware set has to fit into any specific style. You can pick any style, from our Geoware line to our classic Frank Lloyd Wright line. You can chose fun bold colors or classic shades. Your family will begin see these pieces as vital for a get-together, and the design you have chosen will have even more meaning.

The craftsmen at HF Coors take pride in using the best materials for each of piece of dinnerware. No matter what design you choose, you will know you have chosen quality when you hold it in your hand. Contact us today to place your order for a quality, long-lasting dinnerware set — or two!


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Cooks

I Love YouValentine’s Day is a time where one wants to impress the person they care about in the best way possible. For many, a card or roses is enough for a hug or peck on the cheek. As these suggestions are almost a given for Valentine’s, how about something with a lasting impression especially for the cook or host in your life… like HF Coors dinnerware.

HF Coors makes excellent giftware that can easily accommodate for a holiday such as Valentine’s Day. Much like the unbreakable bonds of a relationship, HF Coors provides nearly indestructible dinnerware, one hundred percent of which is made in the United States of America. The dinnerware is lead-free, meaning that you and your loved one can enjoy meal after meal without any worry since safe materials were used for production.

What Makes HF Coors So Special?

We know the cook or host in your life demands high quality with great looks. Here are a few reasons why HF Coors dinnerware will find its way into your (and your lover’s) heart:

  • It’s made of vitrified ceramics
  • It will not absorb odors or moisture
  • It can easily transfer from the freezer to the broiler
  • Whether broiler, microwave, or oven, this dishware can handle the stress
  • The product is dishwasher and freezer-safe
  • It’s resistant to crazing, cracking, and staining
  • It has a two-year warranty against any chipping or cracking during normal use

Feelings aside, our dinnerware can survive almost anything a relationship in the kitchen can throw at it and still shine in the dining room.

Our dinnerware is durable, just like your love. Shop now!

HF Coors Care

Just like any relationship, HF Coors does need some care. Here are a few suggestions to make sure your product lasts for many more Valentine’s Days in the future:

  • Don’t use the product on a stove top burner
  • Stack the product with care
  • Rubbing the un-glazed “foot” on a glazed surface can cause scratching
  • Avoid impact (plates won’t hold up to being thrown in an argument)


Will My Product Make It In Time For Valentine’s?

If the giftware you select is in stock, your order will be shipped within two days after it is placed. FedEx Ground is the standard method of shipping, so it will normally take three to seven business days to make your lucky Valentine’s Day date smile. If the product isn’t in stock, it may take two to four weeks.

So, with this being said, HF Coors has something for everyone in terms of finding what’s right for your Valentine. It’s rare to find something as great as HF Coors dinnerware, but if your Valentine is this resilient and good-looking you may have found a keeper.

The New Trend in Ceramic Dinnerware

Creative Ceramic

HF Coors has created innovative ceramic dinnerware product lines with the perfect Southwestern flair. Based in Arizona, who would have better access and knowledge, more experienced fine dinnerware artisans, or the best ability to design those unique shapes and patterns that we all search for?

From their extensive line of distinctive Southwestern style dinnerware patterns, to elegant service-ware, and even a full catalog for restaurateurs, there are pleasant surprises at every turn. HF Coors dinnerware is restaurant quality, graded to stand up under heavy use and industrial strength restaurant dishwashers.


Based in Tucson, Arizona, this American-made dinnerware is designed and created by American master artisans who have honed their craft to hand-make the finest Southwestern dinnerware available anywhere in the United States. You are sure to find the perfect solution for your home or business with HF Coors selection of individual pieces or sets, including an American Bistro 16 Piece Dinnerware Set.

Under the inspirational leadership of President and CEO Dirck Shou, the company ensures that all HF Coors design engineers, artisan craftsmen, pottery workers, hand painters, customer service representatives and  knowledgeable store managers, are largely “home-grown.” HF Coors works continuously to increase experience and mentor its employees in the art of fine craftsmanship.

American Made Dinnerware

The lead-free dinnerware is broiler safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe. In fact this cookware can be taken from freezer to broiler without a problem. HF Coors ceramic pieces are non-pourous and will not absorb moisture or odors. They are extremely durable and highly resistant to chipping, cracking or staining.

For your shopping convenience, take a look at the vivid colors, exciting patterns and unique shapes for new serving and dinnerware trends in Southwestern dinnerware at our online store. We accept most well-known credit cards and PayPal for your quick ordering convenience.

Our factory store is open seven days a week, and we invite you to book a group tour with us. Call us at 800-782-6677 to make a tour reservation two weeks in advance.

You are sure to find an amazing signature platter or the perfect dinnerware pattern for your gift list or start-up restaurant. For further information about our premium quality dinnerware manufacturing or commercial custom design process, contact us at our office or factory store in Tucson at (520) 903-1010.

How to Set a Proper Dinner Table

Any dinner guest can confirm this to be true: The table creates the atmosphere. The food might be the heart and soul of a dining engagement, but without the right table settings, the entire event will be off. Table settings are a craft in and of themselves. The type of event, the significance and the number of guests you are serving all define the appropriate table settings. Understanding the intricacies of this process is a really big deal in the entertainment business, even if we are just talking about a family dinner.

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, the right dinnerware means everything. The plates on the table do a whole lot more than simply allow you to serve food. They showcase your personality, your level of creativity and how much you care about the guests you are receiving. Putting together a strong table setting comes down to a few basic elements: the right dinnerware and a couple of creative ideas to get you started.

The Essential Equipment

To set the table you need dishes, and not just any old dish will do. When you are sitting home alone, ready for a night of watching TV as you eat, a plastic plate might do just fine. But when the in-laws come by or you agree to host your boss and her husband for dinner, you are going to have to be ready for something with a bit more class.

Matching spoonware, coordinating glasses and plates, salad plates and dessert plates as needed — these are the very basics of table setting. Remember, coordination is just as important as having the materials. If all of your forks are different or if your plates don’t match, it is going to disturb the entire appearance of your table. Keep a set of classy dishes around for just such an occasion.

How to Set the Dinner Table

Once you have the materials, get ready to put them in the right place. Significant meals like dinner parties or meals with important guests require a bit more attention. Use a tablecloth to create a warmer atmosphere and to present a clean and distinguished table. Then, a single plate in front of every chair. Make sure that the table settings are not too close to one another. There should be at least 10 inches between every guest to allow for ample elbow room.


When the plates are down, set up your table around them. Forks go on the left, and knives and spoons on the right. You can place a napkin beneath the cutlery, or go the extra step and create a napkin fold, something similar to origami, which really adds an extra element of elegance to the table. Water glasses should always be present, even if you are going to serve wine. Providing both glasses will give your guests the option of which beverage they’d prefer and prevent any unwanted pressure. If you are going to serve a salad or appetizer course, set the table with the additional plates or bowls.  The smaller plate should be set in the center of the dinner dish.

HFCoors dinnerware sets are a great way to start creating a well-designed table. The brightly colored plates of the Serape line can be mixed and matched with one another to create a festive design, and you can coordinate the plates and bowls to match the mugs and even decorative pieces for the center of the table. Or you can add color through your tablecloth and push the focus onto the food with the always classy and all-white American Bistro design.

Finally, the last element to achieve an amazing dinner table is the centerpiece. Don’t overlook this most basic yet essential component. A small vase of flowers or a scentless candle are both great choices. If your table is long rather than round, consider multiple small decorative pieces rather than one large item.

Put some time into your table arrangements before sending out your next dinner invitation. You may be surprised to realize how much of an impact a well-designed table can have.

HF Coors Holiday Gift Ideas!

14-12-Holiday GiftsOne of the best places for Christmas get-togethers is around the dinner table, while appreciating an amazing meal on high-quality dishes.

With HF Coors, you can get the perfect items for your family dinner and also buy for others who love to entertain. Quality dinnerware never goes out of style, and it makes a great gift. Options like the Chili Pepper Salsa Set can be a fun way to recognize the spicy food lover in the family.14-12-Holiday Gifts 2Why is HF Coors Different?

All of the dinnerware HF Coors offers is American-made, and it’s all lead-free. It’s also oven, broiler, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Since HF Coors makes dinnerware for the restaurant industry, you can give a gift that is durable as well as beautiful. With so much to choose from, you are sure to find the right gift for everyone on your list.

If you’re looking for a specific way to commemorate the holiday, you may want to consider a collectible ornament for your gift recipient’s tree.

Why Dinnerware for a Gift?

Dinnerware can be a classic and timeless gift. Items like the Sonoran Desert Extra Large Serving Platter can be used for get-togethers all year-round and is perfect for people who love to entertain. It’s hand-glazed, and each one is an original piece of art. You will be giving a gift that can never be exactly duplicated, and the thoughtfulness of that will be remembered fondly every time the platter is used.

Everything from salad bowls to olive oil dipping dishes, salt and pepper shakers, sugar and creamer sets, and much more is available to make your gift recipient’s Christmas a memorable one. Popular designs include the Sonoran Desert, the Day of the Dead, and classic designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. With the unique style and elegant aesthetic offered by HF Coors dinnerware, you can count on giving a gift that will be cherished, enjoyed, and appreciated for many years to come.

Shop Early for the Best Selection and Shipping

To make sure your gift arrives by Christmas, ordering early is recommended. Some items can be out of stock close to the holidays, and placing an earlier order helps avoid that. It can also give you time to consider the needs and wants of your gift recipient and choose another item or design if a particular option is out of stock.

Our shipping deadline for Christmas is December 15 (today), so place your orders now to ensure delivery before the holiday!


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